The Office Takes a "Turn For The Worse"
Waking up late this morning I turned on the radio and checked my email like I always do, but this morning was much different. Besides the weather being dull and gloomy, I had a dozen new emails sent to me over the evening and into the morning. I have a fair number of The Office insiders, including an intern writer for the show, and normally when I receive an email from them I get giddy expecting some exclusive 'Office' gossip. When I logged into my inbox this morning my face fell.


That is the subject of the email I recieved from one of my sources who works at NBC Universal. After reading the email I'm a little speechless so I'll let you read it yourself! Unlike my source I think this is actually a pretty neat idea. Steve can have more time shooting movies (all of which have been amazing) and another star I'm a huge fan of takes over his old position as Regional Manager.

If you are a true fan of The Office I think you'll realize this is a win-win situation!

Here is a link to the email that explains everything

Have a great day!

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