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Dan In Real Life, starring The Office's Steve Carell, was just released on DVD and Blu-ray and TheOfficeQuotes.com has been generously provided with a few copies to give away as contest prizes! Hope you participate in our first contest!


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Three winners will be drawn at random to win a Dan In Real Life DVD (normally $29.99 in the US and $37.99 in Canada)!

The DVD contains some great bonus features including deleted scenes, real life outtakes, two featurettes and audio commentary.

Newspaper advice columnist Dan Burns could use some good advice about his own relationships. A widowed parent of three daughters who are growing up in a hurry, Dan has little time to pursue his own happiness. After bringing the girls to his parents' (Dianne Wiest and John Mahoney) Rhode Island beach house for their semiannual family gathering, Dan decides he needs a break from all the togetherness. Wandering into a used bookstore, he is mistaken for an employee by a charming customer named Marie (Juliette Binoche). Despite their shyness, an instant and undeniable attraction hints at future possibilities. But awkwardness turns to full-fledged discomfort when Dan returns to the house and is reintroduced to Marie as the new girlfriend of his fitness-instructor brother Mitch (Dane Cook). As Dan and Marie pretend they're strangers while simultaneously falling in love, Dan's despair at his predicament creates even more embarrassing misunderstandings-with sidesplitting results. Torn between romance and family, Dan finds his real life hinges on a very difficult decision.

Check out this behind the scenes clip with Steve Carell: "Getting To Know The Family".


The contest closes March 30th at 12pm EST. If you don't win you can always purchase a DVD or Blu-ray disc; Dan In Real Life in Available Now!

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